What is Bitflop?

Bitflop is a new fun way to play heads-up texas holdem with your friends. No downloads or installations are necessary to play face to face against your opponent via webcam. We are building the next generation web and mobile communications platform delivering secure, peer-to-peer, realtime poker games with high-definition voice and video.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is an API definition being drafted by the World Wide Web Consortium to enable browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing without plugins. Its mission is to enable rich, high quality, RTC applications to be developed in the browser via simple JavaScript APIs and HTML5. For more information, visit the offical WebRTC website.

What are the minimum browser requirements?

Bitflop is built on top of web technologies and standards that are still relatively new, so the minimum web browser requirements are high. At this time, to get full functionality you must be using either Chrome 26+, FireFox 23+ or Opera 18+.

Google Chrome 26+ Firefox 24+ Opera 24+

Internet Explorer 9+, and Safari are supported for poker only (no video chat). This means you can do everything except see/hear your opponent while you play.

IE 9+ Safari

Can bitflop games be monitored or recorded?

Bitflop is designed to run voice and video peer-to-peer directly between calling parties, which is encrypted and does not pass through our servers. That means any video and/or audio cannot be monitored or recorded by a third party. This does not however, prevent the person you are playing from recording their screen. Game data (cards, actions, chip amounts, etc...) are exchanged with our servers while the game is in play. This data is encrypted to prevent any eavesdropping or monitoring from any third parties.

How many players are allowed at a table?

Bitflop currently only supports two players (heads up), but a full 9 person table is currently in development.

Why can't I see my opponents video?

There are a few reasons why this may be happening. Your opponent may have clicked Dismiss when prompted to allow use of their webcam. Another reason is their browser is not supported. It's also possible your internet connection is very slow and the stream has not started flowing yet. If a minute has passed without video showing up, try refreshing the page.